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Choisir entre le présent simple et le présent Be-ing Exercice fondamental

<2 MIN

Compléter chacun des textes suivants en conjuguant au présent simple ou au présent progressif les verbes entre parenthèses.


My cat quietly. Suddenly, something him up. He . He for something behind his back. I closer. I a little mouse on his back.


I the dog. I spending this moment with him. Moreover, the sun . The birds. It a beautiful afternoon. My dog as happy as possible.


Every Sunday, my brother and I . We breakfast. We some cereals. We some orange juice with our parents. Then, we out. We . We in the woods behind the house. We only back when it is time for lunch.


a girl named Dona ? She in the house next door. Look ! She out of her house with her sister. She is the one who a pair of yellow trousers. She never to me. She never any question. Some people say that her father for the Intelligence. But I them.


What ? You supposed to do your homework. And instead, you on your phone. I you. You do your homework if you me to take your phone. myself clear ?


We to a party tonight. We late, as always. We dressed in our rooms. I my favorite dress. My brother his new shirt. We finally ready to go !


Leslie for the bus. She to be late for school She to do a presentation today. She about all the things she needs to remember for her presentation.


Mark soccer with his friends. His team the game. One last goal and they finally the other team for good. They and they .