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Choisir entre le prétérit simple et le prétérit Be-ing Exercice fondamental

<2 MIN

Compléter chacun des textes suivants en conjuguant les verbes au prétérit simple ou progressif selon le contexte.


My friend Tim the best athlete I had ever met. He run very fast and swim and play basketball and even soccer. One day, he . He his knee. The doctors told him that he run or play for a while. He disappointed. He his father's old guitar. He learning how to play.


At school, we an interesting book. Then the teacher us to write a sequel. As I my story, something strange happened. I see everything before writing it. As if I a movie. I ten pages really fast. I my copy just before the end of the class. Two days after, the teacher me my copy back. I that I an excellent grade.


Yesterday, my friends and I shopping. We new pairs of shoes and matching t-shirts. Then we at a café to get a snack and a hot chocolate. We . We a lot. We to end that perfect day by going to the cinema. We a movie. We some popcorn. When the movie ended, we to go home anymore. We one another to have another day like that as soon as possible.


The boys in the woods with their dog Olaf. They about a new game. Suddenly, the dog . They him. They something. There a hole in the ground with something bright in it. They . They real gold coins.


Laura up on Monday morning not feeling well. She to go to school. She she had to. She the window. She the cold air in her pyjamas, hoping to catch cold. Then she the thermometer against the heater. She her Mom. Her mother Laura had the flu. She her to stay home.


I to repair my bike. I find the right tools. I back into the house to ask my Dad. He when I called him. I that he had left for work. The house empty. I to eat ice cream and watch my favorite TV show instead.