Traduire en français un texte à la forme passiveTraduction

Quelle est la traduction française de chacun des textes suivants ?

The puppy was carefully carried by my little brother. The poor creature had been bitten by something much bigger than it and its leg was bleeding. The puppy was softly put on the table, under the kitchen light to be examined properly. Its wound was desinfected and a bandage was put around it. The puppy was then given a bowl of water and a bowl full of biscuits.

It is said that Megan looks down on people. We were told that she doesn't speak much and that she looks proud. We were advised not to talk to her and not invite her to our party. Since her brother is a friend of ours, we felt obligated to invite them both. And actually, she happened to be really shy and nice.

My car was stolen yesterday. By whom, I have no idea. I was asked if I had left my keys inside the car but I hadn't. I must have been seen several times coming into the building to go to my office and it must have been understood that I spend several hours a day inside, meaning that several hours a day, my car is parked in the street with nobody to keep a close eye on it.

This painting was painted by a good friend of mine. His work can be seen at the museum that has just opened. This landscape was painted so beautifully, I don't know how he manages to capture things so well. I was told that in a few years, this painting would be priced at three times its present worth but it won't be sold to anybody because it was a gift. I was given this painting by my friend.