Traduire en français un texte contenant des modauxTraduction

Quelle est la traduction française de chacun des textes suivants ?

Could you turn the volume down, please? I have to finish these exercises before tomorrow and I can't focus with some loud music. You can take my headphones, if you want. Like that, I will be able to work, and you will be free to listen to whatever you like.

We are having a party tonight, you can come if you want but you can't invite anyone else, there will already be too many people. And you don't have to bring anything, we have already bought what we needed.

May I ask you a question? How come you won't talk to anybody in the room? Did someone do something they shouldn't have done? Were you offended by something or are you mad at somebody?

Nice to meet you, you must be Paul's cousin! You didn't have to take a taxi, we could have come and picked you up at the airport. How was your trip? And welcome!

Of course you need to borrow a book, I got that. But could you be more specific? Do you need the novel or an essay about the novel or a biography of the writer? You have to tell me what you're looking for or else I won't be able to help you.