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FrankensteinDraculaHarry Potter is the story of a young boy who discovers that he is a wizard. He then goes to Hogwarts to study magic and faces dark forces with his friends.


FrankensteinHarry PotterDracula is the story of a British clerk who goes to Romania to work for a count. He then realizes that the count is an old powerful vampire.


Harry PotterDraculaFrankenstein tells the story of a doctor who gives life to a creature but he loses control over his creature. It is one of the first Gothic novels.


The Great GatsbyOn the RoadNineteen Eighty-Four is a futuristic novel which describes a society in which everything is under control and everyone is watched by Big Brother, leader of the nation.


On the RoadNineteen Eighty-FourThe Great Gatsby tells the story of Sal Paradise and his friend Dean Moriarty who drive across the USA from a wife to another, listening to jazz music, looking for freedom and answers to existential questions.


Nineteen eighty-fourOn the RoadThe Great Gatsby describes and criticizes the flamboyant social life of wealthy people in Long Island during the Twenties.


MacbethOf Mice and MenBeloved is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in which a Scottish lord murders the King and loses his mind because of the guilt.