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Trouver la bonne préposition Exercice fondamental

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Compléter chacun des textes suivants avec les prépositions de temps ou de lieu appropriées.


Leslie wakes up 7.15 a.m. She takes a shower, has breakfast and takes the bus to go school. school, she studies Geography, Maths, History and French. She doesn't like to sit all day her chair. She likes Fridays, because Friday, she can go the cinema with her friends.


John went Sydney to meet his cousins for the first time. He was a little nervous when he arrived the airport in the morning. But when he arrived their house, he felt at home, everyone was nice with him. They sat the garden and talked all day long.


Jenny lives Miami. She moved Florida in 2010. She loves living the ocean. She can go the beach after work. She can eat her favorite restaurant in the evening. She can go work in the morning.


Monday, I must wake up early. I take the bus to go school. school, I am happy to see my friends. But I don't want to go work. I wait for the end of the day and 4 p.m, I am finally free to go home. I arrive 4.30 p.m. I go the kitchen. Then I sit the sofa to watch my favorite cartoon on TV.


Yesterday, my family and I arrived New York. We had to go the airport to take the plane. Today, we woke up 8 a.m in a nice hostel. We had breakfast a restaurant. Then we visited the city 9 a.m to 2 p.m. We went the museum. We had a sandwich Central Park.


Mary lives a small street. She knows everyone's routine. Mrs Smith goes out every day 8.30 a.m to go to work, the twins walk school. Mr Brown stays bed until 11 a.m. Then she goes out his garden to take care of his flowers. The twins come back school at 4 p.m, Mrs Smith comes back 6.30 p.m. She parks her car her house and close the door. And Mr Brown is already bed.


Mel and Jess like to go the cinema. They arrive 7 p.m and they go the supermarket. It is to the cinema. 7.30 p.m they go inside the cinema to buy their tickets. They sit their favorite seats. They imagine they are screen living all these adventures. They leave 10 p.m. They go bed to dream about the movie they saw.