Mettre un texte au discours indirectReformulation

Dans quelles propositions a-t-on transposé chacun des textes suivants au discours indirect ?

"Pat, did you go to the cinema this month?", asked John.
"Yes, I have seen a few movies", answered Pat
"Which ones would you recomend?", asked John.
"You should see Whiplash and It follows", replied Pat.

"Helen, did you manage to find a job?", asked Anna.
"Yes, I found a job as a teacher", said Helen.
"Where will you work?", asked Anna.
"I will work in Jersey. I am starting next month", said Helen.

"I couldn't go to work today", said Jane.
"What happened?", asked Lea.
"My car didn't start", said Jane.
"What did your boss say?", asked Lea.
"He was very understanding", said Jane.

"I had an argument with my best friend yesterday", said Ann.
"What happened?", asked Siobahn.
"She was very nasty to me", said Ann.
"Why did she do this?", asked Siobahn.
"I don't know and I am very sad", said Ann.

"We adopted a cat yesterday", said Leo.
"What colour is he?", asked Hugo.
"He is black with green eyes", said Leo.
"What's his name?", asked Hugo.
"His name is Obi Wan", said Leo.