Traduire en français un texte contenant des adverbesTraduction

Quelle est la traduction française de chacun des textes suivants ?

James speaks English fluently. When you hear him, you think he is American. Actually, his mother is American so I guess it helped him a lot. You can easily be fluent in a language when you hear it every day.

Jack was driving recklessly and much too fast. My aunt, who always drives slowly and carefully was scared to death. She told him that she would appreciate greatly if he could slow down. We told him to obey her or else, one of us would drive.

My sister seriously considered dropping out of school to become a model. We told her worriedly that it wasn't an easy and secured job and that she should finish school first. Once her degree completed, she would be able to choose freely.

We were strongly advised to study harder for the upcoming English test. We hadn't taken the previous one seriously enough and our grades were really low. We decided to do things properly and to study in small groups in the library in order to optimize our chances.

I can't stand my neighbor's dog. It is continuously barking and isn't properly trained. It even bit my little brother once, but my neighbors took the event lightly. We have been mad at them ever since.