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Retrouver le titre d'un roman de science fiction Vocabulaire

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Compléter les phrases suivantes avec le titre de livre approprié.


DraculaFrankensteinHarry Potter is a Gothic novel written by Mary Shelley in which a doctor brings a creature to life but he loses control over his creation.


FrankensteinDraculaHarry Potter is a series of fantasy novels in which a young boy discovers that he is a wizard. He then goes to the school of witchcraft and fights evils with his friends.


FrankensteinHarry PotterDracula is a fantasy novel written by Bram Stoker. It became the most famous vampire story.


Nineteen Eighty-FourMinority ReportBlade Runner is a cult futuristic novel by George Orwell in which England is governed by a totalitarian regim which controls everything. The leader is called "Big Brother".


Minority ReportNineteen Eighty-FourBlade Runner is a science-fiction movie by Spielberg based on the book by Phillip K. Dick. In a close future, psychics work for "PreCrime", a police department that forsees crimes and arrests criminals before they commit a crime.


FrankensteinBatmanSuperman is a comics superhero. He fights crime and his real identity is Bruce Wayne.


Animal FarmFrankensteinThe Call of Cthulhu is a short story written by Lovecraft in which three narrators find letters from deceased relatives telling them about an extraterrestrial entity.