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Choisir la bonne forme du futur Exercice fondamental

<2 MIN

Compléter chacun des textes suivants en conjuguant les verbes entre parenthèses à la forme appropriée du futur selon le contexte.


There are dark clouds in the sky. I think it . I my umbrella before I leave this time. I soaked this time !


Next summer, my parents and I to Boston to visit my aunt. I am nervous because we to take the plane. But I my cousins for the first time and that makes me very happy. I hope they me. And that they nice.


there when I come back ? I to the post office. I long. So before I come back, please !


Next year I . I to apply to a college. I hope I accepted to the same college as my friends. So that we in the same town.


In two months I a baby brother. I don't know what he like. Or how my parents him. But I look forward to meeting him. I to look after him.


When I am 18, I to drive. But I to take a driving test first. If I it, my parents will give me their old car. I free to go wherever I want with my friends.


My brother for London tonight. My mother is very nervous so he promised that he her as soon as he arrives. Once there, he at a friend's apartment. At least until he his own place.