Passer un texte du présent au futurReformulation

Pour chacun des textes suivants, quelle proposition correspond à une transposition au futur avec la forme will ?

I am a student. I live in Paris. I go to school by tube. I am a good student and I have lots of friends. I go out every weekend and my favourite subject is English. I often go to the cinema.

This house is beautiful. It is very roomy and has a lovely garden. There are 4 bedrooms, and a big kitchen. From the first floor windows, you see the ocean. The owners go swimming everyday.

She is my best friend. She is clever and funny. She has got long dark hair. She plays the guitar in a band and she also sings very well. We see each other every day at the lycee.

He is my favourite actor. He has a great career. He acts in nice movies and he always chooses interesting roles. He has very talented partners. He is very famous in France and in the US.

This film is a romantic comedy. It is about 2 people who fall in love on a plane but they think their career is more important so they say goodbye to each other. They regret their decision but it is too late. They finally see each other again a year later.