Passer un texte du passé au futurReformulation

Pour chacun des textes suivants, quelle proposition correspond à une transposition au futur avec la forme will ?

I was an au pair girl. I lived in Sydney. The family was very nice. They had 3 children. We had fun together. We went surfing every weekend. I met a lot of people. I stayed there for a year.

We started a business with a friend. It was a tea room. We made cakes and we cooked vegetarian meals. We also sold tea. We got on very well and people loved the place. It was nice and cosy.

We went to the beach yesterday. We had a picnic, we walked along the beach, we swam and lay in the sun. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

She was a teacher. She worked with teenagers. She took her class on a trip to Jersey. They took the ferry and they spent the day visiting the island. They bought presents for their families.

They travelled a lot.They visited lots of countries. They took their children with them.They learnt English and Spanish. They saw beautiful places, they met people and learnt many things.