Traduire en français un texte contenant comparatifs et superlatifsTraduction

Quelle est la traduction française de chacun des textes suivants ?

Last week we went to the circus. We saw an elephant that was bigger than any other animal. There was also a man who could lift the heaviest weights. He is said to be the strongest man in town. We also saw the smallest woman. The most popular number was the trapeze artists who seemed to be flying in the air.

My aunt Kate is the most elegant woman I know. She never goes out without being perfect. And yet she is still more natural than most women. She is never over the top.

Our apartment is smaller than Sam's but he has more roommates than us. His living-room is bigger than ours and he has more rooms but his rent is higher than ours. In the end, it is as profitable for him as for us.

Today we are more aware of what is happening in the world than before. Thanks to the Internet and to television, information travels faster than before. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that we care more about it than before.

Mr. Johns is the strangest and scariest man that I have ever met. I think he is more dangerous thant all my neighbors together. He always wears black outfits and often plays with his pocket knife. He doesn't talk much and he often goes out late at night. I think he is a gangster.