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My neighbor's cat is the cutest cat on the planet. He is grey and his eyes are blue. I always leave a bowl of milk for him on my doorsteps. Although he is my neighbor's, she never takes care of him, so I consider him as my own given that he spends most of his time at my house.

Next year, I am going to College. I hope I will be able to have my own apartment. A friend of mine had a shared room in a dorm and she didn't like it. Her roommate wasn't very respectful and they didn't have much space. She couldn't decide on anything since the room wasn't hers.

My uncle's cousin is an actor. He plays in a series but his career started in theater. His best role was in Othello. His parents weren't very enthusiast when he told them he wanted to be an actor but then they acknowledged his talent and respected his choice even if it was different from their own.

Henry VIII was one of the most infamous kings of England. He is known for his six marriages but also for his role in the independence of the Church of England. Henry's youngest daughter, Elizabeth, later ruled the country and became the first unmarried queen in British history.

Yesterday's dinner was a success. My whole family was there. My mother's sister made us her most delicious cakes. My cousins brought their guitars and played their own songs. We danced and enjoyed our evening.