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Choisir entre le past perfect simple et le past perfect Be-ing Exercice fondamental

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Compléter chacun des textes suivants en conjuguant les verbes au past perfect simple ou progressif, selon le contexte.


There a misunderstanding. I for a trip in London. They me an email for a trip to Berlin. I no intention to go to Germany. I to improve my English in England.


My friends and I a cabin in the woods. We branches. We cushions, books and snacks. We enough time yet to go there and spend the afternoon. But we our parents to let us spend the night over there since it was the first day of summer break.


My parents new furniture after moving into the house. They almost everything before leaving the old house. They that it was time for a fresh start.


The contestants for more than an hour. They the bridge. They in the other side of the city. Some to slow down. A couple of them the race.


We a rough day. We home since we had missed the bus. Once home, I didn't remember feeling more relieved: we for our sofa and a cup of hot chocolate the whole day.


Lucy the same necklace four days in a row. I it before. I asked her where it came from and she answered me that her grandmother it to her.


Two days before, we to explore the old house in the woods. We everything. We for our parents to go to work. Once they we had taken our backpacks and flashlights. We across the woods.