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Choisir le bon auxiliaire modal Exercice fondamental

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Compléter chacun des textes suivants avec les auxiliaires modaux needn't, must, mustn't, can et can't.


- Mum, I go out?
- No, you . You do your homework first.
- But we won't correct the exercice tomorrow, so I do my homework today. I go ? Pete is waiting for me.
- Okay, you . But you be back before 7 p.m.


I swim. Consequently I never go to the swimming pool. I always tell my friends that I finish my homework first. Or that I walk the dog. I go out with them. All of them swim very well. Today, I am telling them the truth: I just swim. They tell me that I be so scared. They teach me!


- We have a surprise for you! But you close your eyes first. And you open them.
- Okay. you tell me what it is?
- No, we . You see it yourself! Come in. Now, you open your eyes!
- Oh, a new bike! Thank you!


- you open the window please?
- Sure.
- I have a glass of water, please?
- Sure.
- you give me your apple? I'm hungry!
- No, I . You go out and buy one yourself.


Lucy learn English. She wants to go to London with her best friend but they speak English. She speak Spanish. But she speak English. Her friend tells her they worry. They use a dictionnary and make themselves understood by English people. But Lucy thinks they learn at least a little English first.