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Utiliser le bon modal dans un texte Exercice fondamental

<2 MIN

Compléter chacun des textes suivants avec les modaux appropriés.


You bring a cake, we had already cooked many things! But it is very nice of you. You put your coat over there. And then you help yourself with the buffet!


My sister play the piano very well. She really enjoys practicing, and we spend hours listening to her. She keep on following her dream, I am sure she will become famous one day.


You go out now, I still need you to help me. You peel the potatoes and cut them in slices. Then you put the plate in the oven. Only after, you go out.


You have told me that you were coming! I would have prepared something. I still cook us dinner, if you want. I just finish typing this email first.


Mom told her that she clean her room before she goes to Jane's party. She leave before it is done. She decides to do it as quick as possible so that she get ready for the party and leave.


When we were young, we play all day long. Now, we go to school and do our homework. I wait to be on holidays!


You drive more slowly, you don't know the road and it is going to rain. you slow down, please? You really drive fast, Tim and Laura are not expecting us before two hours.