Traduire en français un texte contenant des modaux et des structures équivalentesTraduction

Quelle est la traduction française de chacun des textes suivants ?

She managed to run the whole marathon, she must be exhausted! We should cook her something good before she comes home. What could we do for her?

Hi, I am sorry to call you but we might be late. We couldn't find the car keys and we can't leave without them. You don't have to wait for us since we are likely to be late.

Can you close the window, please? It is cold in here and we might catch cold. And if we are sick, we won't be able to finish this work in time and our boss may not like it. We must finish everything by the end of the week.

You don't have to speak so loudly, we can hear you, you know. You are likely to give us a headache if you keep on screaming like that. You need to calm down.

She must be Leslie's daughter, she looks just like her! Should we go and talk to her? She may not want to be disturbed. Well, I am going to say hello anyway. I am a little shy, can you come with me?