Utiliser des subordonnées relatives pour écrire une seule phrase à partir de deux propositionsReformulation

Créer une phrase à partir de chacune des paires de phrases suivantes à l'aide d'une subordonnée relative.

Exemple :
Phrase initiale : A boy called this morning. He's Edie's boyfriend.
Phrase transformée : The boy who called this morning is Edie's boyfriend.

Terry brought me some Peruvian coffee. It is delicious.

I watched a documentary last night. It was fascinating.

That woman was wearing an extravagant red hat. Do you remember her?

The ring was stolen. It has never been recovered.

You let a guy in. I Do not like him.

They are talking about a man. He is my father.

I am reading a book. It is boring.

A woman is replacing Mr Watson. She is a great teacher.

Norah invited a guy. We do not know him.

She brought a tart. It is excellent.

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