Utiliser les mots de liaison permettant d'établir des liens de cause à effetReformulation

Dans chacune des phrases suivantes, remplacer l'expression ou mot de liaison utilisé par l'expression ou mot de liaison indiqué entre parenthèses.

Consequently, we can observe lots of changes. (as a consequence)

It rained a lot lately, that's why there are floods. (therefore)

He was very rude to me therefore I don't want to talk to him anymore. (that's why)

He didn't have enough customers and as a consequence he had to close the shop. (consequently)

Your behaviour was unacceptable, therefore you are expelled from the team. (that's why)

You don't respect the rules, as a consequence you are not allowed to go out with your friends. (consequently)

I wanted to improve my English, therefore I spent a year in London. (that's why)

The results of the survey were interesting consequently we were able to draw conclusions. (as a consequence)

The lecture was very interesting therefore we learnt a lot of things. (that's why)

He had a serious car crash and consequently he is very afraid to drive now. (as a consequence)

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