Mettre une phrase à l'infinitif se rapportant au complément du verbe conjuguéReformulation

Transposer chacune des phrases suivantes à la forme infinitive se rapportant au complément en utilisant le verbe entre parenthèses.

You have better results. (I want)

I use their car. (they allow)

You help me with the cooking. (I prefer)

Could you tell him to buy some bread? (I would like)

Stay here and wait for me. (I order)

You go to my father's house and check if he's OK. (I need)

He improves his English. (I expect)

Go to the post office and collect a parcel. (I need)

If he keeps behaving like this, he will apologize. (I oblige)

If she is unpleasant, she will leave. (I ask)

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