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I wake up in the morning and I realize that I am late for school. I don't have enough time to take a shower so I just take my bag and a packet of biscuits and I run to take the bus. Unfortunately, the bus isn't here. I have to walk and I am scared to be punished by the teacher. When I arrive at school, I see all my friends talking and laughing and I realize that the teacher is also late!

Jenny is my neighbor. She lives in a very old house. One day, I am playing outside and I see strange lights and smokes coming out of her house. I come closer to see what is going on. I hear that she is telling strange things. There are a lot of candles in the room. And then, I can't believe my eyes: an ugly frog suddenly changes into a man. That is when I discover that Jenny is a witch.

My cousins and I are playing outside. We decide to explore the woods. The trees are big and their leaves are orange and gold. There are many mushrooms and squirrels. We keep on walking and we discover a wood cabin. Nobody lives in it so we decide that it is ours. It becomes our secret. We come there and play every weekend after that day.

On Thursday my brother and I come back from school. We are tired and we don't want to do our homework right now. We go in the kitchen and take the bottle of milk. My brother prepares two cups of hot chocolate and I take the bread, the marmelade and the butter. We talk about our day at school and we have a good time. Then our mother always comes back from work and we pretend that we are doing our homework. I think she knows we are lying but she just smiles and leaves us alone.

Last year, I go to New York with a friend to visit my aunt. We take the plane at the airport. We spend eight hours on the plane. It is so long! So we watch movies, we eat, we talk and we also sleep. When we arrive, my aunt is waiting for us. It is very nice to see her. I introduce my friend to her and we drive to her apartment in Brooklyn Heights. It is a lovely neighborhood. We are very tired so we have a typical American dinner and we go to bed.