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Choisir entre le prétérit et le present perfect Exercice fondamental

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Compléter chacun des textes suivants en conjuguant les verbes au present perfect simple ou au prétérit simple, selon le contexte.


I in here in 2012. I in this city before but it a long time ago. I back here to start a company with my best friend and I a few people who to school with me.


Lucy interesting people at Kim's birthday. She with everyone. She all night long. On the next day, she very tired.


We very hard for our English test. It off. This morning, we to answer every question. We before everyone else.


You Kate and Jane, they just . They to go back home before 6 p.m because their parents their boss for dinner.


Brian here for two months. He in July. I first him when he arrived. I him and his family to carry their boxes.


I my keys! them? I don't know where they are, you must them! I remember I them when I left this morning.