Relier deux phrases avec une conjonction de coordination simpleReformulation

Dans chacun des cas suivants, relier les deux phrases par une conjonction de coordination simple en suivant l'indication entre parenthèses.

A beautiful bird came. You were sleeping. (pendant que)

He screamed. He cried. (puis)

They were mean. I won't play with them. (par conséquent)

We can play with tennis. We can play football. (ou)

I have brown hair. My brother has blond hair. (alors que)

The mailman came. He was having a shower (pendant que)

This cat is black. It is white. (et)

He likes Maths. He hates Geography. (mais)

It's not raining. We can play outside. (donc)

Lucy is older. She plays with us. (mais)

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