Traduire en français un texte au plurielTraduction

Quelle est la traduction française de chacun des textes suivants ?

My sisters love flowers: daffodils, daisies, roses... They always come back from the fields their arms full of flowers and leaves. They put them into vases everywhere in the house. All the rooms are filled with different scents and colors.

The boys entered the building. The rooms were dark and dirty. They saw rats on the floor and spiderwebs on the corners.They asked if there was anybody in there, but they only heard the echo of their voices.

My friends have two guitars, two pianos and two drums. They have two rehearsal rooms and their parents let them play several hours a day. They also have two billiard tables and two huge white screens to play video games or to watch movies. I love spending whole afternoons in their houses.

The two men stopped. They lit a few matches and dropped them on the sidewalks. The two streetlamps cast dim lights on them. They were wearing hats and long raincoats to hide their figures. However I could see that they had scars under their left eyes.

My neighbors' dogs are driving me mad. They are brown and white, they are quite big and they bark all the time. They can jump over fences and land in our gardens to dig holes or ruin our bushes and our flowers. So one day, I decided to put large buckets of water under the fences and when they jumped over, they landed in the water and splashed themselves.