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I have two brothers. My brothers are 32. Both are doctors. They are always working and don't come home very often. When they were younger, they used to spend hours reading about scientific experiments and phenomena. Now they are married and have children.

My neighbors' dogs are driving me mad. They are brown and white, they are quite big and they bark all the time. They can jump over fences and land in our gardens to dig holes or ruin our bushes and our flowers. So one day, I decided to put large buckets of water under the fences and when they jumped over, they landed in the water and splashed themselves.

The two men stopped. They lit a few matches and dropped them on the sidewalks. The two streetlamps cast dim lights on them. They were wearing hats and long raincoats to hide their figures. However I could see that they had scars under their left eyes.

We went to the circus today. We saw elephants, zebras, horses, trapeze artists and clowns. My sisters are afraid of clowns. Consequently they panicked when the clowns with their orange wigs and their colorful faces came closer to our seats. Children are supposed to like clowns, but my sisters don't. They screamed. Everybody turned their heads in our direction. The clowns tried to make them laugh and to make flowers appear by magic but my sisters shed tears instead of giving them smiles.

I had terrible nightmares over the past few nights. I dreamt that clowns were chasing me, that I was running in the streets at night to escape from their twisted smiles and when I arrived at a crossroads, dinosaurs appeared, showing me their large mouths with their long teeth. I screamed but people weren't looking at me, they kept on walking as if everything were normal. I woke up with large beads of sweat on my forehead.

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