Traduire en français un texte contenant des noms singuliers et plurielsTraduction

Quelle est la traduction française de chacun des textes suivants ?

When I arrived at the airport I realized that I didn't know where my luggage was. I tried to follow people who were in my plane and eventually I found the right bagage claim. However my luggage wasn't there ! I looked everywhere and saw a woman get in a taxi with my suitcases. I yelled, she stopped and made her apologies to me.

Uniforms can be a good thing because they erase social differences. If everybody wears the same outfit, you can't see who can afford certain clothes and who can't. But it also erases individualities. Every student is forced to fit the mold.

My grandparents have a farm. They have goose, ducks, chicken and a donkey. Their house is made out of red tiles and they have a huge backyard. Everytime I visit them, my grandmother makes homemade pies and marmalades with fruit from the garden.

The hippie movement was one of the most emblematic movements in American history. Young people protested against the Vietnam war and burnt their draft letters. They decided to grow their hair even if it was forbidden in several states, they wrote anti-war songs and demonstrate peacefully to denounce violence.