Mettre des groupes nominaux au plurielReformulation

Transposer chacun des textes suivants au pluriel en faisant attention aux groupes nominaux et aux accords des verbes.

I saw a cat yesterday in my garden. It was black with a little white dot. I went inside to get a bowl of milk and feed it, but when I went back in the garden, it was gone. I looked everywhere, even behind the tree, but I couldn't find it. So I went back inside, and there it was, lying on my white chair.

Can you go to the supermarket and buy me a bottle of milk, an egg and a chocolate bar, please? But first, take your coat because it's cold outside and wear your scarf. And please, close the window, lock the door and don't forget to take your key.

I have one neighbor. She is very old and always speaks to herself. She always wears the same black dress with pointy shoes. Her hair is grey and very long. Sometimes, she even wears a strange black hat. She never switches on the light, her house is always dark. But during the night, I think a guest is coming to visit her because I hear her laughing and see a strange light coming out of her attic.

Yesterday, my best friend lost her wallet in a street as she was coming home from a party. She didn't realize it until she arrived in her room and started to undress. She panicked and looked everywhere: in her wardrobe, in her closet, under her bed, in front of her house, in her garden, in her street... But it was already dark and she couldn't see much.

My cat loves chasing a mouse. He would never eat it, he just likes the game. At first, he pretends that he hasn't seen the mouse coming out of the hole in the wall, and he lets it makes headway to look for something to eat. When it is close enough to a piece of cheese, he gets on his paws, screws up his eyes, meows and starts chasing it. The poor mouse is forced to abandon the piece of cheese and to speed its way back to its hole. Then my cat meows with content and returns to its cushion.

In my living room, you can find a table, a chair, a dresser, a television, a computer, a red cushion, a blue cushion, a carpet, a window and a sofa. When a friend visits me, he can stay in my guestroom. I have a small garden in which a yellow bird comes everyday, with an oak tree and a bush. I have a parking area for my car.

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