Eviter les répétitions en utilisant un pronomReformulation

Dans chacune des phrases suivantes, éviter les répétitions en remplaçant les groupes nominaux répétés par les pronoms appropriés.

I live with my sister. My sister can be really annoying, but most of the time I get along with my sister.

My teachers are very strict, but I like my teachers very much, because my teachers are excellent pedagogues.

This video game is interesting, but this video game is very time consuming, I should try not to play this video game too much.

My children and I had a family reunion, a friend of mine joined my children and I. My children and I had a very nice time.

That actor is really good. I saw that actor in his last movie, and it didn't change my mind about that actor.

I finished that book recently. That book is quite interesting, you should read that book.

I saw your friend Anna today. I chatted with your friend Anna for a moment, your friend Anna sends her regards.

I have a few American friends. I met my American friends during the Summer holidays, my American friends are coming to Paris next month.

A lady came earlier, I told the lady you couldn't see her, but the lady insisted.

Robert and I are available tonight, Robert and I would be happy to join you. John may also come with Robert and I.

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