Mettre des groupes nominaux au plurielReformulation

Transposer chacun des textes suivants au pluriel en faisant attention aux groupes nominaux et aux accords des verbes.

Once a year, my best friend and I take the car and drive to London. Once there, we always book a room in the same hostel. Usually the room is very nice, but this one time, there was a rat behind the bed. My best friend screamed and jumped on a chair but I didn't want to harm it.

I have a brother. He lives in California. He rents a house by the ocean. He doesn't even need to take his car to go to the beach, he just has to walk a small path, cross a road and there it is. He often invites a friend to spend an afternoon at the beach. They can swim, have a drink and watch the fish and the crab in the water. His friend also has a boat.

What a great surprise! Jack offered me a ticket to see my favorite musician live and then we went to a pub and ordered a glass of wine. Then my best friend from Australia arrived and joined us. The table was too small for all of us so we had to use another one. We talked for an hour and then we went to see the musician. He played my favorite song. Then we took a bus to go home, and I had a dream about this perfect evening.

I have spent an hour trying to understand a book about an orphan who tries to find his way in life but always fails and meets a bad person. He always makes the wrong choice. I don't understand why I have to study this book.

The man, the woman and the child locked themselves in their house. Ever since the uncanny phenomenon that took place the night before, the man didn't dare to go out. The family didn't know if the creature only wanted to talk or if it was trying to annihilate somebody.