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A few months ago, we spent a few days in London. We went to museums, we had drinks in pubs and we ate at local restaurants. We stayed in two rooms with double beds and private bathrooms. Unfortunately they had forgotten the blankets so we slept with our sweaters on. We also took cabs just for fun and we met great people who will visit us as soon as they can.

The boys entered the building. The rooms were dark and dirty. They saw rats on the floor and spiderwebs the corners.They asked if there was anybody in there.

Computers are useful tools. However if you use them too much, you can have headaches and your eyes may get tired. You need to have breaks during which you do something else and you need to remember to go out to get some fresh air. Young children should not spend whole days watching computer screens.

My friends have two guitars, two pianos and two drums. They have two rehearsal rooms and their mothers let them play several hours a day. They also have two billiard tables and two huge white screens to play video games or to watch movies. I love spending whole afternoons in their houses.

My sisters love coming home with flowers: daffodils, daisies, roses... They always come back from the fields with flowers and leaves in their hand. They put them into vases everywhere in the house. All the rooms are filled with different scents and colors.